Naughten slams removal of breast cancer surgeon

Local TD Denis Naughten has condemned the removal of a general surgeon with a special interest in breast surgery at Sligo General Hospital, saying that it is a further measure by this Government to delay the roll out of vital cancer treatment services to women throughout the West of Ireland. This announcement comes on top of the recent admission by the health authorities that it will be at least 2009 before breast screening is available to women throughout the region.  ‘The jobs that are being slashed are all front line staff. This again highlights the abject failure of this Government to deliver a proper breast screening and cancer treatment service to the women of the west. ‘Local women have a one in thirteen chance of getting breast cancer during their lifetime, which means that approximately 3,000 women in the constituency of Roscommon and South Leitrim will get breast cancer. The HSE decision to slash front line staff, including those dealing with the treatment of breast cancer, clearly shows the lack of priority this Government and its agencies have to delivering a comprehensive cancer service for the women of the west.’