Naughten seeks proposals for getting back to business

Local businesses are being asked by Denis Naughten TD to consider how they can introduce social distancing to allow them to safely re-open and also what supports they may need.

Last week in the Dáil, Denis Naughten proposed measures which could allow people to safely return to work, including placing a yellow notice on public access to the workplace outlining how they are complying with social distancing rules.

“Over the coming weeks steps will be taken to re-open our economy. However, we are all conscious of the fact that it won’t simply be a case of ‘business as usual’ and that we will have to find new ways of doing things,” explained Denis Naughten.

“Social distancing will remain a feature of our lives for some time and this will no doubt present challenges which are unique to each industry, profession and business. I believe by working together we can find solutions and supports that will allow businesses to find a new way of operating and allow us to restart our economy.

“I am reaching out to local business owners as the experts in their business, industry or profession as they are the people best placed to help find the answers to the challenges we are facing.

“I am asking people to contact me with suggestions in relation to social distancing measures that could be taken in their business, industry or profession to allow them to safely get back to work. I am also interested in hearing about the challenges implementing social distancing would create: will it have financial consequences, implications for premises, etc.

“In addition, I am asking businesses to consider the issue of what State supports may be needed for businesses post-Covid-19 and send me their thoughts/proposals”.