Naughten must act now on post offices’ future – Murphy


Fianna Fáil TD Murphy has criticised Minister for Communications Denis Naughten for “talking in vague terms” about the future of the post office network.

  “Minister Naughten must come forward and identify the new services that he believes should be provided in our post offices to make them viable into the future.”

  Murphy says his constituency colleague needs to “spell out” details of a concrete plan on the under-threat post office network.

  “Rather than talking in vague terms about potential services and e-transactions, the Minister needs to come forward with a list of services with credible projections as to how these services can make the post offices viable and ensure their continued existence.”

  Estimates suggest that almost half the of the country’s 1,100 post are currently not financially viable, and are under threat of closure.

  Deputy Murphy: “The confirmation from the CEO of An Post that 265 post offices are, in his opinion, in areas of no discernible population should be a wake-up call for Minister Naughten, and force an urgent review in Government of what our Post Office network should be used for.

  “The time for decision-making is now; local communities are fearful about the future of their post offices. Minister Naughten must act now.”