Naughten angling for funding applications



Denis Naughten TD, Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment is urging angling clubs, community groups and local authorities in Roscommon and the broader Midlands region to apply for funding under a new €2 million investment programme announced by Inland Fisheries Ireland for angling projects and conservation initiatives.

  The funding call, which is open to communities nationwide, consists of three separate funding streams which will help ensure that Ireland’s fish stocks and angling infrastructure are protected and enhanced into the future.

  The Inland Fisheries Ireland Funding Call 2017 is made up of the following funds: Salmon Conservation Fund to a maximum of €500,000; Midland Fisheries Fund of €50,000; National Strategy for Angling Development (NSAD) Fund of €1,500,000.

  Minister Naughten said: “This is a community led initiative and I am encouraging angling clubs, community groups and local authorities to apply to Inland Fisheries Ireland for funding across a range of areas from fisheries habitat enhancement and sustainable development works to marketing and promotional projects for angling.”