N61 “one of the most dangerous roads” – Fallon

The N61 is “one of the most dangerous roads in County Roscommon” and urgent changes are needed to address road safety, according to local Independent Cllr. Laurence Fallon.

“The N61 has been proven to be one of the most dangerous roads in County Roscommon. A survey done by Transport Infrastructure Ireland suggested that it was no longer fit for purpose, the traffic is greater than what would be acceptable on any road and it also showed it was not possible to make provision for cycling or walking as the speed limit was too high,” stated Cllr. Fallon.

“The survey showed 137 problems between Roscommon and Athlone. For example, the speed limit is at 100 at a busy school like Ballybay where there is a clear need to reduce the speed limit. There is also a need to have secure funding to upgrade the most dangerous spots on the road because without that, and with the growing amount of traffic, this road is going to continue to be a death trap and is going to continue to be unsafe for the public to use.”

Highlighting safety issues that have now arisen due to changes in road markings, Cllr. Fallon said: “At the N61 in Kiltoom at the junction with the L7553, which is one of the busiest junctions on the N61, changes have been made to the white line system that had been in place which is causing untold danger. What was a continuous white line has now become a broken white line and that needs to be changed because cars are now emerging and meeting overtaking traffic coming head on. This needs to be changed rapidly before there is a serious accident at this location.

“Another very dangerous junction on the N61 is at the L7630. The road was resurfaced at this location last year and again a continuous white line has been changed to a broken white line, which is creating substantial danger, particularly for vehicles emerging from the side road.”