My sister

Today I am little sentimental. In three weeks my sister, who is two years younger than me, will visit me in Ireland. My eyes are a little damp when I think about her. We spent half our lives together and we are of the same blood and the same bones. What does it actually mean to have a sister? From my parents I know that when she was born, I was always with her. Then, when I was just two years old, I thought that my sister was my own child. I said ‘no’ if someone wanted to touch her.  I controlled all family visits. I slept under her cot. I checked if the water for her bath was OK. But this picture didn’t last too long. Very quickly I became aware that she was my rival at home. Her paintings were prettier, because she was younger, her singing was prettier, because she was younger. She won the Little Miss competition at home, because she was younger. And I was angry at the whole world and cried very often. I hated her in the way that kids can hate and I fought with her all the time. Later, we didn’t even have time for fighting. Our lives split and we shared the room but we only met late at night. She had her own life and I had mine. I didn’t even know when she started to be so grown up. She had her own friends and boyfriends, about whom I didn’t know anything. Then, all of a sudden, we stopped being younger sister/older sister. We just became like strangers who very slowly got to know each other. I remember those secret nights of conversation. I saw her like a new person and this younger sister started to be my best friend. When I had a lot of hard and crazy life situations, she never told me what to do, just was really brave and always took my side. I always could confide in her and I know that she never let me down in those situations and I know that she understood me and supported me. This is probably the phenomenon of blood relatives. Now we are living very far apart. She has her children, husband, another life. When I start being as sentimental as I am now, I realise that I really miss her. I miss this monster from my childhood who is now a great mother herself.  When people leave their homeland, after a while they stop missing the things they had at home, friends and even the biggest friends stay somewhere in the background. A sister is a sister forever, she just changes her function. My sister was this youngest, the worst, the best and in recent years this loving sister-friend. I think that it will stay that way forever. Do you agree Miki?