My guide to the dreaded ‘Best Man’ speech

Let’s face it, as proud as you were of being asked to do Best Man at the wedding, you are dreading the speech.

  This speech has to cater for everyone, without offending anyone. Yes, that probably means the story about the groom running naked through the nightclub in Santa Ponsa needs to be left out.

  Fear not however, we have some helpful tips to help you avoid embarrassment or a family brawl.

  Firstly, nobody really wants to hear about the ex-girlfriend, regardless of how funny the story is. Leave the ex at the door.

  Keep in-jokes out. You may know the groom really well but that doesn’t mean everyone at the wedding does. So keep it obvious.

  For example, if the hapless hubby is built like Paul O’Connell: “I hope you like the venue for today’s celebrations, as it wasn’t easy having it taken down and reassembled around Patrick for the day.”

  Always, always compliment the bride, even if she looks like Paul O’Connell mid-maul. The groom, however, is fair game, so go nuts!

  Know your limits and keep growing inter-family relations in mind. The last thing you want is to offend or upset the bride, or even other guests. Keep any really embarrassing stories to yourself and remember to thank everyone involved in bringing the day together.

  Finally, relax as much as possible and don’t drink too much before you start. Otherwise you’ll end up slurring your words saying something you’ll regret!