MY CAR: Diamond finish for a sparkling Stag

The Fourmilehouse area is home to a number of classic cars and this week it’s the turn of a pristine Triumph Stag 1972 owned by local garage owner Noel Simpson.   Noel purchased the car at Classic Cars in Petersborough in England a number of months ago and has a complete history of the car. In early June, he went to England with fellow vintage enthusiast Eamon Brennan to look at two cars and returned to Clashaganny with the Stag. He looked at a Stag in Norwich, but it didn’t appeal, so the two continued on to Petersborough on the Sunday, where Noel had a choice of four Stags. He chose one from the four on offers and drove it back to Holyhead.   The Stag is diamond white with a walnut veneer dash and a tan interior. ‘The car is in quite nice condition, but it needed to be serviced and some light mechanical repair work,’ reported Noel. The paintwork was in perfect condition and Noel decided to put a new soft-top on it. It’s a three litre V8 engine with a manual overdrive box ‘It just needed some light work, a tidy-up car,’ said Noel, who intends to show the car.