Musings on VAR, that carpark clash… and Four Roads’ win

Seriously! Some of those decisions…they’re crazy!


Some of those calls that VAR is making!

He’s doing his best, he’s bound to get some calls wrong!


Varadkar! The Taoiseach can’t please everyone!

I’m not talking about VAR-adkar, I’m talking about VAR in the football across the pond! VAR, that silly officiating system!


Liverpool were robbed the other day! There are  Liverpool fans wandering along my street with long faces ever since…


Yeah! They can barely utter a word to anyone, they’re so frustrated!

Well you should send them to my street…it will cheer them up!


‘Cos there are Manchester United fans wandering my street with long faces!


(They pause to gauge whether or not to rile the Editor by also mentioning Leeds United’s erratic form, deciding to absolutely NOT mention it)



Still, it was a great weekend of sport!


The golf was quite exciting!

Yeah, go Rory!

And Shane!

Awesome guys!

What did you think of Rory’s swing?

Pretty impressive. Good balance, firm focus and intent…it was one of the best carpark run-ins I’ve seen in a while!

I meant his golf swing, not that incident in the carpark!


And what did you think of Shane Lowry’s balance and poise?

Excellent! For a big guy, he positively glided across the fairway waving his arms in the air, and likewise on the podium when Europe won, AND when he led the celebrations on the bus…

I meant his golf swing…


(They pause to speak briefly to the pub bore, who wants to talk about the history of the Ryder Cup, year by year, beginning in 1927…)


A great win for Four Roads too!

Yes! We must pop out to Coyle’s and join the celebrations!

I hear it’s packed since the final whistle!

Anyways, well done to Four Roads, and hard luck to a game Athleague team!

So, that was the weekend that was!

Yes, and now it’s a case of roll on Ireland v Scotland at the World Cup!

Yeah, and no VAR! TMO RULES!

Those VAR people are all over the place, they don’t know whether they’re coming or going!

Yeah! Just like Leeds United!


(Editor opens ‘Possible replacements for Boyos’ file on computer, passes over Joe Brolly, and stops when he comes to Marty Morrissey’s number…)