Murphy writes to County Manager over ‘neglect’ of Strokestown

Fianna Fail Councillor Eugene Murphy has this week written to County Manager Mr. John Tiernan requesting an urgent meeting over what he calls the ‘almost total neglect’ of Strokestown Electoral Area. County Manager Mr. John Tiernan was unavailable for comment on Wednesday.    In a hard-hitting and very critical letter Cllr. Murphy has asked the Manager and his officials to deal with a number of specific issues as they apply to the Strokestown Electoral Area ‘as a matter of grave urgency.’     Cllr. Murphy says that as a representative elected by the people he could no longer tolerate the way people were being treated by the Local Authority in the locality.    Cllr. Murphy has highlighted in his letter a  number of issues which he feels should have been dealt with as a matter of urgency by Roscommon Co. Council.    He alleges that in some of the cases outlined there is a distinct possibility there could be loss of life if the Council does not act.    Cllr. Murphy also said that he would be asking the Manager why some of his representations have not been dealt with.   ‘The Manager is in my opinion a fair man, and I’m sure he will acknowledge that I’m entitled to answers having been elected by the people of the area’ Cllr. Murphy told the Roscommon People on Wednesday.   ‘This is not a route that I would normally go down but I have become so frustrated on a number of issues that I feel I have to go public now’ he said.    Cllr. Murphy has posed these questions:   * Why has a bridge remained in a broken down state in the Clare area of Strokestown for several years? ‘It’s a danger to young children who live close by.’   *Why has Roscommon Co. Council done absolutely nothing to improve road safety at Ballyfeeney National School, an issue that the Council must take some responsibility for.  *Why has the Council failed to do anything to repair the dreadful state of the Kilglass Road via Gillstown bridge (‘a danger to motorists at present’).  *Why has Roscommon Co.Council failed to deal with the issue of disgraceful footpath conditions in the village of Ruskey.(‘I visited one woman on four occasions in the village where the footpath was in a dangerous state with engineering staff from the Co. Council but nothing has been done since’).   *Why has a family in the Killina area had to put up with water running into their home over a seven-year period despite the fact that seven members of staff visited the home concerned in the past seven years.  *Why has a number of dangerous junctions where grass verges need to be trimmed not been dealt with this summer.  *Why, despite agreement from landowners, business people and councillors Roscommon.Co.Council have done nothing to upgrade the road from Ballygarden Cross and Laragan via Kiltrustan Church, a road that urgently needs attention.  *Why Roscommon Co. Council have virtually withdrawn from litter control in the towns of Strokestown and Elphin, Tarmonbarry and Ruskey and indeed Ballyleague. Cllr. Murphy said he had to make five calls to Council offices to get litter picked up in the village of Tarmonbarry.  *Why Roscommon Co. Council made little of the people of the town of Strokestown when the upgrading of Elphin St., Strokestown was undertaken – work that has not been fully completed as yet?  *Why have Roscommon. Co. Council failed to deal with a dangerous junction on the way into Scoil Mhuire, Strokestown, an issue that is ongoing for several years?    ‘Council officials are entitled to be asked for answer on these issues and we are certainly entitled to be treated with some respect. We may not have the best rate base in the county but we deserve some level of decency and service’ concluded Cllr. Murphy.