Murphy welcomes commencement of Protein Aid Scheme payments

Fianna Fáil Senator Eugene Murphy has welcomed the issuing of €3 million in payments to tillage farmers under the 2021 Protein Aid Scheme.

Speaking this week, Senator Murphy said: “I am delighted that payments are now issuing under the 2021 Protein Aid Scheme. These payments will amount to €3 million which has been set aside for the Protein Aid Scheme, and payments are now commencing for approximately 850 applicants. The rate for this year has been set at €300 per hectare and the payments will be visible in farmers’ bank accounts in the coming days”.

Senator Murphy said the payment is an important support for tillage farmers for the growing of protein crops, including beans, peas, and lupins.

“These proteins reduce our reliance on imported products for animal feed,” he added.

“The Protein Aid Scheme is beneficial to farmers and to the environment and, in this context, Minister McConalogue has proposed to more than double the annual budget from €3 million to €7 million under the next CAP, which will commence in 2023”.