Murphy: ‘Transport subsidy an absolute farce!’


Fianna Fáil TD Eugene Murphy has called on the Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed to take urgent agent in relation to the ongoing fodder crisis.

  Deputy Murphy says the Minister’s failure to address the situation has had a direct impact on the severe conditions affecting farms.

  “This fodder crisis is having a knock-on effect on local business in our towns and villages. Despite warnings from my party and farm organisations as far back as September last year, the Minister ignored farmers and failed to take any concrete action to address the situation”.

  Deputy Murphy accused Minister Creed of maintaining a ‘hands-off approach” even as the crisis deepens.

  “The Minister has been on the back foot once again in dealing with the ongoing fodder crisis. He has failed to deliver in relation to the meal voucher scheme which was recommended to help farmers access food for their stock as they cannot buy fodder.

  “In my view, the transport subsidy scheme is an absolute farce. Farmers are in crisis and this is the last straw. We need action,” concluded Deputy Murphy.