Murphy ‘thrilled’ at quick Oireachtas return

By Paul Healy


Eugene Murphy, fresh from being elected to Seanad Éireann on Wednesday, says it is important that a new government is formed as quickly as possible so that the “massive job of work” involved in dealing with the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic can begin.

Senator Murphy, who lost his Dáil seat in February, said that he was “thrilled” to have been elected to the Seanad. He said he had been on a political rollercoaster in recent months.

“It’s no secret that I was devastated to lose in the recent General Election…not for reasons of finance or ego, but because we had worked to hard for the previous four years. It’s clear that the strategy (Fianna Fáil running two candidates) didn’t work, and it’s just great to be back now in the Oireachtas”.

Senator Murphy said that his family had been inundated with calls congratulating him on his political comeback and he was now looking forward to representing the people of Roscommon/Galway.

Senator Murphy said that he is very happy with the manner in which the caretaker government and the HSE are handling the Covid-19 crisis. However, it was important that a new government be formed soon, so that the enormous challenges facing the country can be faced up to. He said that every possible support will have to be given to small businesses, people who have lost their jobs, and to the challenge of rebuilding rural towns and villages.