Murphy says public’s voice must be heard in Strokestown

Fianna Fàil Senator Eugene Murphy has called for the views of the people of Strokestown to be listened to before Roscommon County Council presses ahead with a planned redesign of two prime streets in the historic town.

Senator Murphy says he is committed to the spending of public monies in the town but he wants consultants who were employed to devise the plan to “listen with respect to the people of the town and the surrounding areas”.

As part of the Town Centres First initiative, Roscommon County Council is seeking Part 8 planning permission for the Strokestown Public Realm Enhancement Scheme. The scheme involves a redesign of the current streetscape in Church Street and Bawn Street.

While there is some support for the Council’s planned redesign of the two streets, a number of retailers and other individuals are strongly critical of the plans, as reported in last week’s Roscommon People.

Senator Murphy issued a press statement on the matter this week.

“I am particularly concerned about the debate around parking and the fear that our classy wide and rambling streets could be desecrated by any new plan. There is also a need for the consultants to acknowledge the need for common sense to prevail when dealing with parking spaces close to the entrance to Scoil Mhuire and St Mary’s Primary School.

“I hope traffic movement will be studied in and around the busy school times and not when schools are on a break. It would be a disaster to put restrictions on traffic parking in this region…”.

Senator Murphy also hinted that he is not in agreement with aspects of the landscaping works which have been proposed.

“People are making it clear” he said, “that they want the good points of the plan implemented and the negative points of the plan – particularly those pertaining to new parking arrangements – to be scrapped”.