Murphy says he would have resigned if Doherty selected

The recent Seanad elections and subsequent Seanad choices announced by An Taoiseach Bertie Ahern have created some tensions within Fianna Fail circles in County Roscommon, the Roscommon People understands.    Cllr. Eugene Murphy contested the election on the agricultural panel, but was unsuccessful. However he put his name forward as a possible party candidate to be chosen automatically by the Taoiseach Mr. Bertie Ahern.   Cllr. Rachel Doherty did not run in the Seanad election but according to a report in last Saturday’s Irish Times Cllr. Doherty was included in a list of Fianna Fail candidates for the Taoiseach’s nominees who were unsuccessful in gaining a  nomination.   Speaking to the Roscommon People this week  Cllr. Murphy said that he was disappointed that Cllr. Doherty’s name was put forward for an automatic position.   ‘If she was given an automatic position I would have been given no option but to resign from the party. After all I spent a lot of money fighting this election. I have no problem with Cllr. Doherty but  that’s the situation as it stands’ he said.    Cllr. Doherty told The Roscommon People: ‘My name was put forward by the party as a possible nominee. I allowed that to happen but I was not successful and I suppose with John Ellis chosen in Leitrim it was always going to be hard for any Roscommon candidate to get a nomination. But the party must have an eye on the next election too, but that’s for another day. I have no problem with Cllr. Murphy and wish him all the best’ she concluded.