Murphy: Cynicism and apathy among electorate




Speaking to the Roscommon People at the Hyde Centre last Saturday, Fianna Fáil TD Eugene Murphy spoke of how politics is changing in Ireland.

  “Overall the Fianna Fáil vote (in Roscommon) is pretty good. There are quite a number of Independents elected too, while Fine Gael seem to have fared pretty badly in this election.

  “I keep saying that politics has changed and changed dramatically. The parties are never going to be as dominant as they were, and you’re always going to have more Independents, but again the concern here is that the turnout for the county is around 60%. It’s a poor enough showing really, it means that up to 40% of people aren’t voting and some of those people just don’t have an interest.

  “I put that down to cynicism, apathy…and I think too much has been promised in the past and not delivered to people. I think politicians have been seen to have let people down and are maybe not addressing the issues. There’s no doubt about it, that cynicism and apathy is there,” he said.