Murphy condemns online abuse





Deputy Eugene Murphy has condemned recent online abuse which was directed at him.

  He told the Roscommon People: “This whole incident began when a constituent left abusive and unacceptable messages on the voicemail of my Strokestown office in relation to various national issues…I telephoned this man back to engage with him as I always do with people, no matter what their viewpoint”.

  Deputy Murphy says that his conversation with this person was recorded without his knowledge and consent.

  “Following this, the recording appeared on another Facebook page and threats were made through a post. Threats were made to me and my family and there was an incitement to violence as reference was made to tampering with my car”.

  Deputy Murphy said that it is “totally outrageous and unacceptable” behaviour.

  “I will not tolerate this type of unfounded abuse and it particularly angers me when the fall-out upsets my teenage children”.

  He continued: “This online abuse follows on from recent incidents in Strokestown where I was subjected to abuse and physically threatened at another unrelated incident. In fact in other separate incidents in the past there have been online references to spreading my house with slurry.

  “While I accept that public figures are fit subjects for public scrutiny, this does not give people the right to make threats or hurl sustained online abuse. These type of keyboard warriors are very brave when they are behind their laptop or phone – and in most cases would never say these things to your face – but yet they think they can say what they like online.

  “This of course opens up a wider debate about cyber bullying and trolling and the appointment of a digital safety officer is imperative to tackle this issue and also make the social media giants more accountable for this type of activity”.