Mulvey: ‘I’ll support jobs’ push’

The Roscommon People understands that Roscommon native Kieran Mulvey, one of the most respected public figures in the country, has indicated that he would be happy to engage with local stakeholders on a major job creation initiative here.

Mr. Mulvey recently informed Cllr. Tony Waldron that he would agree to attend a ‘Jobs Seminar’ or ‘Think-In’ and add his experience and insights into any such initiative aimed at addressing job creation needs in this county.

Cllr. Waldron (pictured, right, with Mr. Mulvey at a recent conference in Longford) said that Kieran Mulvey is a vastly experienced individual with renowned problem-solving and communications’ skills. Formerly head of the Workplace Relations Commission, Mr. Mulvey is arguably the country’s most renowned mediator of industrial disputes. A native of Roscommon, he was recently appointed Just Transition Commissioner (in relation to issues arising from the closure of peat-fired power stations).

Cllr. Waldron said that he had approached Mr. Mulvey in relation to the need for job creation in Roscommon. Cllr. Waldron: “Kieran Mulvey has the skills to assist and is more than happy to do so…he is deeply loyal to Roscommon too”.

Cllr. Waldron said that there are a number of entrepreneuers who are either natives of Roscommon or who have Roscommon connections whom he also believes will be willing to attend the proposed seminar and lend their support to such an initiative. Cllr. Waldron said that he is working on progressing this project with urgency.