Multi-purpose facility needed at Portrunny – report




Portrun Development Association CLG (‘PDA’) is delighted to announce the completion of its feasibility study for Portrun Amenity & Recreation Centre (‘PARC’) at Portrunny Bay, Roscommon. 

  The PARC Feasibility Study was commissioned in 2018 by the local community group who engaged the services of a professional team led by James Chilton of Rethink Tourism & Recreation Planning Consultants to complete the study. 

  The terms of reference for the study provided for a lengthy and detailed consultation period with the public and various stakeholders including various state agencies (including Roscommon County Council, Waterways Ireland, Inland Fisheries Ireland and National Parks & Wildlife Service) along with private enterprise, volunteer groups and other local community groups.   

  The report provides a detailed assessment of the need for a multi-purpose facility to complement the existing amenities at Portrunny Bay such as the marina, slipways, heritage trail, picnic area and playground. The plans are considered fully aligned with the strategic priorities set out under various local, regional and national development plans including Roscommon County Development Plan (2014-2020), Lough Ree Plan (2017) and Failte Ireland’s Hidden Heartlands brand proposition, launched earlier this year.    

  Included in the feasibility study is a creative design concept by well-known architect George Boyle, which draws its design inspiration from the rich local heritage of the area. Also included in the study is a high-level infrastructural appraisal of the site by FDA Consulting Engineers, which includes an assessment of the infrastructural aspects of the site to determine its suitability for future development.

  Gerry Hanlon (Chairperson of Portrunny Development Association CLG) commented: “On behalf of Portrun Development Association CLG I would like to thank all our volunteers and in particular the members of our Development Projects Committee who have worked very hard steering this project through its many stages over past 18 months.

  “The PARC Feasibility Study is one of three main capital projects in our own Local Area Development Plan (2016-2021), which also includes The Portrunny Heritage Trail (completed in 2018) and The New Slipway (Works Commenced in June 2019) so this launch represents another major milestone for our community group”. 

  Mr. O’Hanlon said that the successful delivery of these projects requires a huge volunteer effort in collaboration with state agencies such as Roscommon County Council, Waterways Ireland, Inland Fisheries and National Parks & Wildlife Service.   

  He added: “In relation to this project I would like to acknowledge the support of LEADER Programme 2014-2020; Roscommon LEADER Partnership; Roscommon Local Community Development Committee (Roscommon LCDC) and Roscommon County Council.

  “The launch of the report is timely as Waterways Ireland nears completion of the first stage in their Shannon Masterplan, which is a project that is running in parallel with Ireland’s Hidden Heartlands branding project led by Failte Ireland.

  “I look forward to further collaboration between our community group and these agencies with a view to implementation of the report’s findings and recommendations, which should provide a platform for much-needed investment in both the local and regional economies whilst ensuring that this unique public amenity remains at the heart of our local community”.

  The PARC Feasibility Study will be available to the public in digital format on and social media platforms from Friday, 12th of July.