Mullooly calls for urgent clarification around Fianna Fáil position on Nitrates Derogation

Independent Ireland’s candidate in the Midlands North-West constituency, Ciaran Mullooly, has called on Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin to urgently clarify his party’s position on the Nitrates Derogation, adding that Government candidates in the European elections have serious questions to answer to the farming community.

Fianna Fáil’s European candidate in the Dublin constituency, Barry Andrews MEP, told RTÉ’s Primetime debate last night that he does not support the continuation of the Nitrates Derogation and does not believe in “rolling back the nature elements of the Common Agricultural Policy”.

“I supported all of the Green Deal in the European Parliament and will continue to do so if elected,” Andrews added, but, this morning, Independent Ireland’s candidate, Ciaran Mullooly, is asking: “At what cost to Irish farmers?”

“Fianna Fáil candidates in my constituency may want to chat to Barry Andrews today, as his rhetoric – that I believe is the actual Fianna Fáil policy – is at odds with what they have been telling farmers on the campaign trail. Andrews and other senior FF figures have been clear that they will not support an extension of the Nitrates Derogation,” Mullooly said.

The Independent Ireland candidate continued: “It’s the same story of the Government being two-faced in their dealing with farmers when it comes to the Nature Restoration Law. Fianna Fáil supports the Nature Restoration Law’s implementation in its present form and Simon Harris has stated that the Irish Government would introduce an Irish Version if it is not agreed at EU Council of Ministers.”

“Government candidates need to be honest with farmers and not claim to have their back when, in reality, if the EU doesn’t run them off their land our own Government has committed to doing so. If I am elected I will fight day and night for farmers in the Midlands North-West constituency, their families and their livelihoods,” Mullooly concluded.