Mulligan’s appeal on sheep dipping

Councillor Michael Mulligan has called on the Department of Agriculture to re-open sheep dipping troughs after being contacted by concerned sheep farmers in the locality who are worried about the non-effective nature of the spray which is being used to protect their sheep from maggots.   Sheep farmers are finding it increasingly hard to survive with the market price of lamb reaching only €3.80 per kilo. With the exceptionally wet year, the biggest scourge to sheep farmers is these wet weather conditions which is a breeding ground for maggots.   Maggots do untold damage to sheep and the spray presently been used is non-effective due to it been washed off with the constant rain.   Sheep dipping troughs which were in use until the year 2000 were a tried and tested method of ridding sheep of maggots. Councillor Mulligan has called on the Council and the Department of Agriculture to revive the use of these troughs or at the very least to re-commission the mobile sheep dipping units.