Mote Park squirrel nursed back to health Pauline Scott

It’s a tough life for Val, the Mote Park squirrel who is currently living in the lap of luxury as he/she recuperates from an inner ear infection in the home of David and Ann Doolan in Mote Park. Last Friday David Doolan discovered the red squirrel – an endangered species – injured on the road in Mote Park. The squirrel was brought to local vet John Finnegan, who discovered that he had an inner ear infection and prescribed antibiotics to help fight the infection. In October of last year we reported that the red squirrel in Co. Roscommon was under threat from the non-native grey squirrel. The first ever sighting of a grey squirrel in the county was reported in Mote Park last year, leading to heightened fears about the fate of the native species. Only 12 sightings of squirrel were reported in the Irish Squirrel Survey published last year. Because they’re not sure if the squirrel who currently shares their home is a boy or girl, the Doolans decided to go with a safe option and name him Val. This week, Ann Doolan thanked vet John Finnegan for his work, he charged no fee for treating the endangered species. ‘I’d say if he was left another hour he would have died,’ said Ann. After being discovered Val was brought to Doolans where he was wrapped in tin foil to allow his body temperature to rise. ‘We’re just giving him nuts and wild bird seed and acorns from Mote Park and between that and the antibiotics he’s recovering,’ said Ann. ‘We are keeping him in the kitchen and are hoping to move him into the garage to get him acclimatised before we let him or her off again next week.’