Morning after the night before: ‘It’ll be a long hard fight ahead’

We received this quick and no-holds-barred response from an American citizen, via a friend in South Roscommon, very shortly after Donald Trump was declared the winner of the Presidential election…

“The Democrats fed them the same old status quo, and those who buy into Trump just wanted to see Hillary hurt and bleed, as they feel that nothing has been done for them.

  When that party is over, they can go back to pulling the wings off flies for fun, still not realising that Trump has nothing to offer them in the way of jobs, education and prosperity, to say nothing of a future in pensions, healthcare and social security-type benefits when they get old, as they’ve offered no solutions to replace them.

            He’s only offered some convenient scapegoats to hate, and if some jobs DO come back in this New Isolationism of theirs, it will be at low, unprotected wages. Whereas immigrants strived to become citizens on the same level as us, the GOP wants to put the US worker back toward immigrant status.

  By insulting friendly nations and trying to keep folks out, we will start using our own resources at unprecedented levels with public lands and seashores open to drilling, fracking and mining, environment and pollution be damned.  All those billions spent on advertising and lobbying will never reach the blue collar citizen while corporate tax shelters overseas will go unchecked, leaving us with the bills. Textbooks will be dumbed down and history rewritten to please the religious right wing, sending people to use the Bible for things it was never intended for. Ignorance of history and science will open up wholesale rape of the environment and poor healthcare with increased diseases.

  Enough people asked for it, and now they’ve got it, dragging the rest of us down, as well…it’ll be a long hard fight ahead.”