More Gardaí needed, not legislation!


Deputy Michael Fitzmaurice has called for more Gardaí to be placed “on the beat”.

  The Independent TD says that addressing the “significant fall” in Traffic Corps numbers will have a better impact in reducing road accidents and fatalities than any legislation.

  Legislation, he continued, “will only ever work if it can be enforced – and this requires Gardaí on the beat”.

  Deputy Fitzmaurice said that Traffic Corps numbers have fallen from 1,093 in 2008 to 643 for 2017.

  “While the Traffic Corps has taken the highest hit in the fall in Gardaí numbers, we have seen a steady decline in the overall numbers in recent years. This has left people, especially in Rural Ireland, feeling very vulnerable. While our Government Ministers are ticking boxes with more and more legislation, crime increases”.

  He continued: “When I look at the legislation to change the drink-driving laws I question how effective it will be in reducing drink-related accidents.

  “With 93% of fatalities involving drunk drivers being three to four times over the limit, you have to question what will be more effective – reducing the limit and still not enforcing it, or ensuring someone driving who is well over the limit will be caught and knows they will be caught?”