Moral police line up to regulate our recreation



Forgive me readers for I have sinned; it’s been a week (a very long one) since my last glass of alcohol! So, last Saturday, having endured a stressful day up in the big shmoke, on my way home I entertained the allure of a quiet night with himself and the dogs spent in front of d’telly watching a bit of comedy, gorging on a homemade curry, and sipping on a little drinkie or three. And so, taking every ounce of courage I possessed, I popped on my oversized sunglasses, and, like a thief in the night, slithered into the supermarket where I would try my damndest to anonymously make my illicit and shameful purchase…an inoffensive bottle of Merlot! Oh, and pick up some Naan bread to enjoy as a side with our curry.

  If only Mary Poppins, sorry Independent Senator and self-appointed Minister-for-Misery Frances Black was on hand to keep me focused on the bread aisle, stop my madness and ‘denormalise’ my inner multi-headed beast, the very one that was, at this crucial moment, forcing me to act with devil-may-care brazenness and buy the ‘two-for-one’ offer of a bottle of Merlot and (somebody stop me) a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc!

  You see readers, I’m an adult, and (I’d like to think), an educated one; I’m also a responsible wife, mammy and nana, and yet, if we’re to listen to Mother Superior Frances, we are now living in frightening times. My simple act of buying Naan bread and picking up a ‘visible’ and ‘strategically placed,’ bottle of booze, (okay two bottles), which were ‘targeted (probably) at young mothers,’ apparently makes me a hopeless slacker who cannot be trusted to drink alcohol responsibly. Oooh if only I’d brought hubby in to create a distraction while I legged it to the check out!

  Look, personally I’m sick of compulsive nosey parkers running my life as if I’m some uneducated lunatic starring in their pitiful little docudramas. You see folks, in my confusion, I thought when I became old enough to work, pay tax, marry, raise kids and vote, I’d somehow have a pretty good understanding of how life works, meaning before Ms. Black and buddies circled like vultures –coming up with the perfect reason for us all to be pessimistic about the state of our futures, i.e. guilt us into believing that purchasing alcohol would plunge us into a wrenching moral crisis – I genuinely thought I had the adult thingy pretty much sussed.

  But no, by desperately smuggling through policies that devour (what is for the majority of us) a simple act of grown-up relaxation and socialisation, i.e. responsible alcohol consumption, Ma Black is lambasting my ‘down time.’ Well thank God for her, because somewhere along the line I became so engrossed in ill-advised behaviour and over-indulged in foolhardy recreation that I clearly sailed right past  responsibility, and now, if it weren’t for the do-gooder blameless brigade, I’d probably be left forever hopelessly and aimlessly spinning on the delinquent hamster wheel of happiness! Cheers Fran!


I want to see Leo wearing an Easter lily with pride


An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar divided public opinion regarding his decision to wear a controversial shamrock poppy badge last week, commemorating those who died on the battlefields during WW1. That’s his choice, however there is, and always will be, a debate around whether or not to wear a commemorative poppy, and in my opinion we simply cannot airbrush those fallen Irishmen whose families lived in poverty and who only enlisted to fight because the British dangled a promise we’d be granted Home Rule if we supported them.

  However, I do hope Leo is as openly supportive of our own struggles, and, come Easter Sunday he proudly wears an Easter lily to commemorate our unshakeable, indomitable 1916 heroes; brave soldiers like Collins, Connolly, Pearse and others…i.e. the proud Irish men and women who sacrificed their lives in order that we could live free of British rule.

  Next year, as we mark the centenary of the end of WW1, I’ll expect that as Leo was happy to wear what is essentially seen as a British symbol, (and while we mustn’t forget our young Irish men who valiantly fought in the great war), he should never ignore nor forget our fearless, courageous and noble inspirational champions, the true patriots who fought and died so that we could be free.

Dear John…get a clue!

Attracting more meeja attention than a dodgy off-shore tax scam, Minister of State for Training and Skills John Halligan’s excuses regarding his discriminatory “genuine mistake” job interview comments are farcical! First he entered Stage 1, denial…can’t remember! Then Stage 2, Girl Interrupted…confusion when dealing with the gruelling hurly-burly of reality; and finally Stage 3…The charming party guest … I’m only extolling a ‘family-friendly environment,’ by obligingly accommodating ‘the people who work’ for me. Bless him; if only all bosses were so innovative and attentive to their female employees’ private family situations.

  Seriously folks, for an insignificant little minister, with what appears to be no discernible government powers whatsoever, the moustachioed one’s lack of insight is remarkable…and that’s as kind as I can be regarding this ridiculously overpaid and confused individual whose crass questions and hiring practices have managed to highlight the cataclysmic effect this discriminatory culture is having on women in the workplace.