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Trump’s a halfwit, but I wish him a speedy recovery

He has made some shocking misogynistic, racist and perplexing statements, all of which would have surely resulted in political suicide for any other US president. In addition, his precarious attitude towards mask-wearing and his repeated dismissals regarding the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic has justifiably dented his status as a credible world leader, making Donald Trump a man who gets up more people’s noses than an average five-year-old’s finger! That said, I’m sure readers will join me in wishing the US president (for now), and his wife Melania a speedy recovery as they fight off the effects of Covid-19.

At the time of writing, there were a total of 37,529 cases of Covid-19 in Ireland, resulting in 1,801 deaths. That’s an awful lot of families grieving the loss of a loved one; an awful lot of families who were unable to properly say goodbye and mourn the tragic death of a parent or a partner. An awful lot of families who couldn’t celebrate their dearly departed loved one’s life and provide them with an appropriate burial. The above limitations, and the sorrow they bring, are significantly heightened by these families feeling additional fear and anxiety regarding contracting this virus themselves; all of which can greatly complicate and impede their abilities to adapt, to heal and to recover.

Taking this into account, I found professional attention-seeker Sinead O’Connor’s reaction to Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis to be nauseating, and view it as being just another pathetic attempt on her part to remain relevant. O’Connor, (or Shuhada Sadaqat as she calls herself following her conversion to Islam, and her aversion to footwear), in my opinion, possesses all of the finesse of a junior infant attempting foundations phonics for the first time, tweeted ‘Thank you God. #TrumpHasCovid’. For good measure, she added, ‘I couldn’t give a f*** what anyone thinks. I hope it takes him’. These comments are not only insensitive, they’re also insulting to every single bereaved Irish family who’s desperately struggling with a multitude of intense and crippling emotions.

Now I know it has been well documented that Sinead/Shuhada has experienced mental health drawbacks throughout her life, and I admit – apart from what I’ve read and seen on TV during her many, many ‘pity me’ interviews, and her many name/religion changes, I know nothing about her issues. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t have empathy with her, and if Sinead/Shuhada is ill, she’s entitled to the same level of understanding and help as everyone else. Nevertheless, lashing out at a seriously ill 74-year-old pensioner, (even if he is the insufferable Putin’s pet), is unacceptable, it’s childish and it’s downright spiteful.

Then again, the Doc Martin-wearing warbler (when she’s not going barefoot on the Late Late Show), does, according to reports, have an early 2021 memoir and an album to peddle and, as she has (to my view) never been less entertaining or relevant, would be better off keeping her wounding remarks to herself.


Has Senator Garvey been infected with a dose of unconscious bias?

I don’t care if she’s apologised, I find Senator Róisín Garvey’s despicable comments delivered to Green Party activists advising them not to use ‘big words’ when trying to appeal to ‘rural voters and Travellers as they may not understand what they mean’ to be highly inflammatory!

According to reports, Ms. Garvey, who made the comments during a debate at the party’s National Convention last week, clearly believes we rural dwellers are so thick, words like ‘sustainable’ and ‘biodiversity’ sail right over our heads. Indeed, according to the tediously dull Róisín, when approaching us rural bubble-heads, it’s best to “talk about the flowers, talk about the cattle. Talk about the robin, the sparrow. I think colloquialism is important and I think simple vocabulary includes everybody”. Aw bless you hon, by coming out with such traducing tripe you’ve now reinforced my belief that vocalising unintelligent and stereotypical remarks is no barrier to ignorant buffoons being elected into powerful positions.

Now I won’t generalise, because I know not every politician is nescient – eh, that means thick as a brick, love – I mean if they were, the entire Dáil would probably collapse quicker than you could say ‘here’s my travel and accommodation allowance’. However, given your faux pas – that means blunders – involving WhatsApp messages criticising Catherine Martin TD, (and, in a pathetic attempt to be droll), your use of the word ‘bigger’ regarding Minister Eamon Ryan’s shameful use of the derogatory ‘N’ word, it’s clear you may have become infected with a serious dose of unconscious bias!

To that end Róisín, given your obvious predilection – it means fondness, dear – to act the eejit, and given the fact some people seem drawn to electing individuals with questionable intellectual abilities, can I ask, would you possibly be better employed as the Seanad’s Court Jester? Then again, if you decide to remain a senator, perhaps an intensive course focusing on upgrading your metacognitive skills prior to opening your gob would be in order…call me!


Daddy Tony’s home!

Daddy’s home, sorry, Dr. Tony is back! Despite the fact that acting chief medical officer Dr. Ronan Glynn has done a sterling job steering the country through this virus, I’m sure that now we’ve reached ‘mission critical’, he’ll breathe a sigh of relief the health of the country is no longer in his hands! And, while I’m not a huge fan of Dr. Tony’s – due to him advising against the cervical check review – I wish him well and I wish him every success in getting those thick, ignorant, anti-mask cretins to cop the feck on and stop placing us all at risk.


RTE’s Saturday schedule reeks of the leftover and the third rate!

To my mind, many of the most boring Saturday night chat shows have originated in RTE. Yep, I’m talking about The Ray D’Arcy Show; a bloated disappointment if ever there was one. And now, with a winter spent in total lockdown hanging over us, our national broadcaster, instead of trying to cheer up a nation confined to cramped houses packed with Ikea furniture, has instead taken the decision to give Deirdre O’Kane her own show and put her on d’telly!

Now, while Deirdre has been described as ‘Ireland’s comedy queen’ in my opinion, having been to one of her shows, I have to say the woman’s comedy is about as unappetising and as flat as one of my Shrove Tuesday pancakes! Therefore, even though I’m sure she’s a lovely lady, I’ll tell ya this much folks, given that RTE’s autumn/winter Saturday night schedule reeks of the leftover and the third rate, I for one won’t be tuning in.