Miriam’s musings

Has Eamon found his ‘dream’ job?


Maybe he’s neither an early bird, nor a night owl, but rather a permanently exhausted little pigeon. Aww diddums! Maybe his ‘to do’ list that day included…go to work…fall asleep…wait for reaction. Whatever the reason, I find it highly inappropriate that Green Party leader Eamon Ryan appeared to doze off during a private members motion brought by the Social Democrats which sought to strengthen the rights of lower-paid workers during this Covid-19 pandemic.

Indeed I’d imagine his deputy Catherine Martin, (who’s in a head-to-head leadership race with her boss) thought Eamon’s Rip Van Winkle impression was a hoot! To remind readers…Rip Van Winkle is a fairytale about a man who’s totally oblivious to what is going on around him. In the story, poor auld Rip falls asleep for twenty years, only to wake up and find there have been a few major changes made to his world! Hmmm, sound familiar, Eamon?

Now many may find Eamon’s ‘forty winks’ scenario humorous, indeed our own Independent TD Michael Fitzmaurice tried to cut ‘Sleepy’ some slack, saying, “Probably the man has been doing long hours and anyone can fall asleep who’s doing long hours”. Bless! However, as far as I’m concerned, dozing in the Dáil, (okay, it was the convention Centre in Dublin), when the future of low-paid workers and those engaged in ‘precarious work’ is at stake is an out and out disgrace. It’s as if, in taking his apparent catnap, Mr. Ryan made a mockery, not just of those of us who are eeking out a living on minimum wage, but of those who voted for him. For the record Eamon, I didn’t vote for you! That said, I will offer you two pieces of advice. Happy hour in the Dáil does not mean take a nap, and, while in life your dreams have come true, (i.e. you somehow managed to weasel yourself into power), sooner or later so will one of your nightmares, because in most organisations, going bye-byes while on the clock is actually a dismissible offence.


Don’t penalise local,

rural pubs


Ever fear the light at the end of the tunnel was coming from a train, and you’re tied to the tracks??? Me too! This is exactly how I feel at the moment, given the postponement of our country’s phase four reopening process.

I have huge sympathy for local pub owners, workers and patrons. And, maybe my brain has come unstuck, but I’m finding myself in agreement with cap connoisseur extraordinaire Michael Healy-Rae when he wails there’s “no logic” in delaying opening of rural pubs, (that don’t serve food). He’s right…so long as these establishments can ensure social distancing.

However, if pubs do reopen, I won’t be rushing to enter one. Nor will I be attending any large gatherings, even family ones; especially those being held in my native and beautiful Dublin. Why? Because some people are so thick they believe the Gaza strip is a form of bikini wax! These are the idiots, who, due to their disgusting behaviour in parts of the capital earlier this month, will probably be the main cause of a spike in Covid cases over the coming weeks. When you’ve got the intellect of a gnat, I imagine it’s easy to ignore serious health warnings, get rat-assed drunk and engage in acts of grotesque and damaging behaviours, (the likes of which were reported by the national media), all in the name of ‘havin’ da craic’. I was absolutely sickened when I read that one hospitality worker revealed he’d witnessed drunken revellers outside his restaurant’s laneway peeing “conveyor belt” style, (no social distancing), up against a window as diners were eating their meals. Why is it that some of us can be responsible and follow safety protocols while others (cretins) feel the need to turn a simple directive into a full-blown Martin Scorsese movie?


Please protect your pets


Incidents of dog theft are rampant. Criminal gangs, some masquerading as couples looking for directions, some as families asking if their ‘kids’ can pet your dogs, are snatching beloved family pets as a form of no risk, easy money, yet despicably cruel crime.

The pandemic lockdown has caused a major surge in people becoming interested in getting a puppy/dog for company, with many prepared to pay a high price. Organised crime gangs are now lifting family dogs the length and breadth of Roscommon. The majority of these poor dogs are sold on to be used as breeding machines by illegal puppy farmers, with the ‘leftovers’ being sold as ‘bait’ to be used, abused, maimed, tortured and murdered by the scum of society who engage in illegal dog fighting.

I’d like to advise dog owners to never, ever leave their pets unattended outside of their home, even for a pee…stand with them at all times. Microchip your pets and make sure their details (and yours) are registered with a government-approved organisation. If you’ve moved house, update your details. Spay/neuter your pets and, if possible, install CCTV or a security device at your home/premises. An Garda Síochána will advise you regarding same.

To those who wish to add a dog to their family, for God’s sake, adopt from a local Roscommon dog shelter/rescue and stop feeding this cruel, vile, greedy puppy farming plague by buying dogs! When you buy from a puppy farmer (and I’m not talking about responsible IKC registered breeders here), you’re literally sentencing another poor dog in a pound to his/her death. Please support your local rescue; and, when you do adopt your new family member, keep them safe and secure.


Could Mr Bombastic

become POTUS?


You’d be forgiven for believing that the US and its politics could not become any more farcical; however, given self-idolising chump Kanye West’s declaration of his intention to run for POTUS 2020, it’s clear that it can! When a bombastic reality TV ‘star’ whose nickname is Yeezy, and who has a voice that sounds like an exposed nerve, could actually potentially become the most powerful human on this planet, it’s time to worry. Methinks the candidacy of this attention-seeking rapper with an oversized ego that regularly does battle with his mammoth insecurity raises more questions about the state of the world than it actually answers!