Miriam’s Musings

Roscommon breathes a sigh of relief as indoor drinking and dining resumes

At last, following 497 days of imposed restrictions (mainly on so-called ‘wet pubs’ who haven’t been able to do business since March 2020), bars and restaurants can finally reopen for indoor services as of Monday last.

  Now, given there was nearly a rebellion when the Government used to enforce a closure of pubs on Good Friday, I have to ask – how on earth did we all survive the entire lockdown without enjoying the privilege of going to ‘the local’ when we felt like it? Mind you, these facilities are only open to vaccinated people or to those who’ve recovered from Covid-19 in the past six months – and of course to any accompanying minors. 

  I don’t wish to sound preachy, but in the interest of safety and keeping these businesses open, I would like to remind readers to please support and embrace this opportunity and to enjoy it for what it is – a step towards normality! 

  However, while you’re doing this, do have respect and consideration for the poor management and staff who’ve been placed under additional pressure in a bid to wade through a shed load of guidelines so that everyone can enjoy a safe drinking/dining experience. Bear in mind that while it has been reported that 25,000 workers will sign off the Pandemic Unemployment Payment (PUP), one in four restaurants will not be opening for indoor dining for the simple reason that they cannot get enough staff.

  For the ones who do manage to get up and running again, while I wish them luck, I also don’t envy them having to painstakingly verify customers’ proof of vaccination or their recovery from Covid. However, I have no doubt the fantastic hospitality sector reopening right across Roscommon this week will have the full support and the best wishes of our readers, who’ll all bear in mind that this whole new regime – farcical though it may appear – is a necessary step in our bid for normality. Go forth and conquer Roscommon – we’re all rooting for you!


Comhghairdeas Team Ireland!

A big shout-out goes out to Team Ireland for the positive way in which they represented us at the ‘Parade of Nations’ as part of the Olympics Opening Ceremony in Tokyo last week. 

  In case you didn’t see it, boxers Kellie Harrington and Brendan Irvine were our country’s representatives, and they led a small delegation of Irish athletes into the purpose-built Olympic Stadium for a ceremony that, due to Covid concerns, only allowed up to 1,000 spectators.

  However, refusing to allow these unusual circumstances dampen their spirits, our lads in the time-honoured, good-humoured spirit of the Irish, showed respect and appreciation to their host country by bowing, in line with the Japanese tradition, as the home team entered. Pure class, lads. I am so proud of you all. C’mon Ireland!


Please support Roscommon SPCA’s car boot sale this weekend

Regular readers will know that I never miss an opportunity to support and champion animal welfare charities, especially our local ones. So this weekend, if you’re planning to spend the Bank Holiday in Roscommon (and I hope you are, because our businesses need your custom), why not drop into Casey’s car park in Roscommon town and buy yourself something nice at the Roscommon SPCA’s car boot sale?

  The boot sale runs from 9 am to 3 pm, at a cost of €15 per car. There’s no need to book, and there’s also no need to worry about handling cash because the lovely, organised people at the Roscommon SPCA tell me they’ve got a ‘tap and go’ payment facility, so it’s all sorted. 

  Enjoy the day, and remember to spend, spend, spend, because all proceeds go towards helping abandoned and cruelly treated animals across Roscommon whose charities are run by a team of dedicated volunteers. 


My Digital Covid Cert has arrived

In the spirit of fair play and balance, and following my little rant last week regarding the disappearance of my Digital Covid Certificate, I am happy to inform readers that it has arrived safely in the post and is now in my possession. And no, I’m not planning on taking a trip abroad this year, I just wanted my official documentation as is my right, as is all of our rights. 


Happy new school year! 

Following a school year filled with uncertainty and anxiety for many, the Government is adamant that our education system will reopen in September. So relax parents; happy days are here again!

  While this news comes as a huge relief to many, there is still understandably some concern regarding the current wave of Covid infections (mainly Delta), which are on the rise right across the county and country. As our health service continues to grapple with this more ‘transmissible’ strain of the virus, my thoughts are with families who’ve been managing (with great skill let me say) to keep their little darlings safe during these challenging times. 

  However, if you’re feeling elated, yet a bit concerned regarding this autumn’s school reopening, (and Education Minister Norma Foley says it’s happening), let me say that as someone who could win an Olympic gold medal for worrying, my advice is to seek reassurance now. Do this by speaking to your child’s principal, their teacher(s) and to anyone else involved in their education regime and find out what intervention strategies have been put in place. 

  In addition, get reassurance from your family healthcare provider regarding your child’s specific situation and requirements. Arming yourself with all of the relevant information pertinent to your child and your family places you in the best possible position to keep everyone safe. I wish you all a happy and enjoyable new school year.