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McGregor: Humble hero or minted hoodlum? You decide!

Anyone who knows me knows how enormously proud I am of my Dublin roots and of my so-called flat Dublin accent. Yeah, I’m what we on Dublin’s Northside, and those in the north inner city where I was born, would call a ‘how’er’ya’. You get it – I’m a true blue Dub.

However, when I heard local-lad-done-good, fellow Dub and MMA fighter Conor McGregor threatening a journalist whose pre-match comment he didn’t like, by saying, “Shut your mouth or I’ll go down [there] and smash your nose in”, further adding, “I’ll smash your nose in you little rat. Someone smack him!” I have to say I was appalled. I was also embarrassed to be associated with being a Dub!

Bad as that threatening trash-talk was, it was nothing compared to McGregor’s sickening post-fight behaviour where he targeted his opponent Dustin Poirier’s wife by shouting, “Your wife is in my DMs. Hey baby, hit me back up on chat later on”. Adding insult to injury, this misogynist further ranted about meeting his opponent’s wife at an after-party.

Yes, McGregor had lost the fight, so naturally he was enraged. Yes, he was frustrated, and yes, he was in pain following his injury, but there was no need for such a disgusting show of disrespect for a fellow sportsman and his wife.

Had McGregor been a true sportsman, he would’ve congratulated Poirier, challenged him to another fight, and then shut his mouth. But no, it seems that when he’s not punching his elders in the face in a pub – remember he pleaded guilty to assaulting a man who refused a free shot of his ‘Proper 12’ whiskey back in 2019 – McGregor is verbally insulting and disrespecting women.

I can only wonder what his sons and daughter will think of daddy when they’re old enough to watch his on-stage antics on social media. I wonder what his lovely partner Dee, the mother of those beautiful children, thinks of his post-fight carry-on. Does she view her babies’ daddy as being a positive role model? Who knows? Then again, perhaps McGregor really is a gracious, humble softie behind closed doors? Yeah, right!

Here’s the thing, if any male in my family spoke about any woman in the same monstrous manner in which McGregor spoke about Jolie Poirier, I’d be apoplectic, and by God would they know it!

I remember a time when McGregor’s genuine-nice-bloke persona and his infectious accent and banter would draw many people to him, willing him on and wishing him well. However, following last weekend’s tirade, I fear his career and reputation has not just been badly affected; they’ve been left in tatters.

When I look at McGregor’s rise, and let’s face it, fall, and his changing behaviours down the years, it’s my opinion that as the bank balance began to grow the genial joker disappeared, giving way to these dangerous and sinister patterns of aggressive behaviours displayed toward anyone who disagrees with him. Add to that McGregor’s public ambivalence and blatant disregard for women, and all you’re really left with is a defeated coward, masquerading as a hoodlum with a slick haircut and designer suit – oh, and wads of dosh!


Thank you to the community-focused Fleming family and its customers!

As we’re all facing increasing social and economic challenges due to the effects of this pandemic, it’s well known that charities, and indeed animal welfare charities, are having a very difficult time due to not being able to hold fundraising events.

With that in mind, I’d like to name-check if I may, and say a big thank you to family business Fleming’s SuperValu in Roscommon town. The management and staff are kind enough to allow local charity TNR South Roscommon to pop a basket into the shop so that kind customers, if they wish, can buy a tin/bag of cat food and donate it so that volunteers can continue to feed the beautiful feral kitties in the area. These kitties have been spayed/neutered through the TNR charity, but they also depend heavily on them for food in order to help them to survive and thrive.

On behalf of Orla Hanley, the TNR South Roscommon volunteers and myself, thank you so much to the community-focused Fleming family, their staff and their lovely customers for filling this basket. God bless you, and long may your kindness towards these little ferals continue.


Comhghairdeas Seamus!

This week I’d like to say a big congratulations and well done to Roscommon People freelance reporter Seamus Duke on becoming the new manager at local community radio station RosFM.

I am absolutely thrilled for Seamus and his family, especially as he has commented himself many times on his Facebook page about how this pandemic and all it entails has been rough on everyone. I second that sentiment Seamus, because those of us working in the media, TV and radio industries have been hit very hard, as of course have many industries.

That’s why this week, when Seamus made his announcement on Facebook, I was delighted to read not just a good news post, but also one that related to a good, decent, hard-working family man.

Well done Seamus – I am certain that the future of our community radio hub will go from strength to strength in your capable hands. Comhghairdeas!


Volunteer Centre shines light

on our civic reawakening!


Staying on the subject of good news, can I say a big ádh mór (good luck) and well done to the Roscommon Volunteer Centre, whose new offices are located in the centre of our county town. I know that readers and community-focused organisations will agree with me when I say it was about time this county got itself a dedicated volunteer centre.

Nobody knows more than me – given my background working in animal welfare, education/literacy initiatives, prison programmes and working with those coping with and surviving domestic violence – just how vital it is for volunteerism and civic involvement to not just be alive, but to be promoted, highlighted and nurtured.

Well done and the very best of luck to the management, staff and the board – and of course to the volunteers themselves working at this centre. I have no doubt that in no time at all your contributions will serve to shine a light on the civic reawakening that, as a direct result of the effects of this widespread and devastating pandemic, is currently happening right across County Roscommon, and indeed across the nation overall.