Miriam’s Musings

Covid deniers are spreading nonsense and possibly damaging society!

Is it just me, or is anyone else sick of listening to the rantings of anti-vaxxers and pandemic deniers? I’m not talking about those who are unsure about getting the vaccine, nor am I talking about those who are waiting on their turn to have their jab. In fact, I’m not even demonising those who don’t want a vaccine for the simple reason that I was one of them!

I was scared stiff of getting jabbed with a new-fangled, speedily-developed dose of something that could hopefully protect me against contracting Covid-19, but at the same time, could potentially leave me with some nasty side effects. Everyone has a right not to be vaccinated, and I’m perfectly okay with that, but I’m not okay with the staunch anti-vaxxers and the Covid deniers (or as I call them, the people who aren’t on the same page as the rest of us) refusing to accept that the pandemic even exists.

I’m not okay with them refusing to wear a face covering in public, and I’m not okay with them refusing to keep their social distance from me. I’m also fed up with them taking their unsubstantiated arguments to social media, raising their indignation to a level so unnecessarily dramatic, you’d nearly believe that it’s their rights, and theirs alone, at the neglect of those of us who’ve been vaccinated and ‘brainwashed’, that should be placed firmly front and centre. Why? Well because in their little world, it’s all about them isn’t it!

At the time of writing, over 270,000 people in this country have been diagnosed with Covid-19, with tragically, over 4,900 dying from the virus. It was based on these statistics, my own intensive research, and the fact that we have vulnerable loved ones we wish to protect, that spurred himself and myself to grab the opportunity to get our jabs with both hands. Indeed, when our lovely doctor told us we were eligible for the vaccine, the relief we both felt was palpable. Even though we knew we couldn’t exactly party like it was 1999, we were both thrilled that we could hug our granddaughter and my vulnerable parents again. Let me make it clear – I don’t for one second believe, nor would I ever support, the notion that vaccinations should be made mandatory.

However, given the statistics around the Delta variant, I have to question the emotional capabilities of those anti-vaxxers and deniers (the latter believes Covid is one big, fat conspiracy by the Government to control us), who, on an almost hourly basis, bombard us with their unsupported theories on social media. Indeed, some have become so tiresome, they’ve found themselves downgraded from ‘friend’ to ‘acquaintance’ on my Facebook page.

You see, it’s my view that these people haven’t gone through life without trusting someone. I mean, if they drive a car and it breaks down, don’t they have to trust their mechanic? If they get a toothache, don’t they have to trust their dentist? Yet funnily, due to their scepticism, their personal apathy, and their hostility towards those of us who are vaccinated, these narcissistic Covidiots are leaving no room for discussion, and no room for education – because it’s their way or no way.

Some are actually refusing point blank to trust the advice of the medical professionals; even that of their own personal doctors. I do understand if they don’t have any trust in the Government – after all, their response to this pandemic has been somewhat bungled to say the least.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the deniers have no business challenging scientific experts, they have, but if these numpties are getting their information and taking advice from imbeciles on social media…well, d’oh!



Mindless morons wreck Ballyleague community initiative

Despite being left devastated by a break-in, I’m sure that in no time at all, it’ll be back-to-business for the wonderfully kind and creative folk at the Ballyleague Men’s Shed.

Yes readers, you read that correctly: this week, some lowlife vandal or vandals went on a wrecking spree at this amazing, community-focused facility, which is famed for providing the most breath-taking displays of colourful hanging baskets, window boxes, and summer plants for various locations around this county. The morons, who were clearly hell-bent on causing damage, smashed everything in their sight to pieces; even I’m told, using a pickaxe to cause damage to the men’s new polytunnel.

These thoughtless thugs, who don’t know what it is to give something back to their community, clearly have the intelligence of the plants they destroyed – plants and arrangements which are, let’s face it, a feature of the charming Ballyleague landscape. How dare they!

These ignorant people may never have a clue about the fundamentals of taking responsibility, nor have they ever likely worked hard enough to plant, cultivate, raise, and nurture the beautiful arrangements created by the much-loved and respected members of the Ballyleague Men’s Shed.

It seems however, that Karma is sharpening her nails, because local CCTV footage is being examined and it’s hoped that the culprits can be identified. In the meantime, if anyone has any information, please contact Roscommon Garda Station.


Why the DentalSlim Diet is not for me!

A device, or, as it’s being called, ‘a weight loss tool’ has been designed to stop people who wish to lose weight from opening their mouths wide enough to eat food. I kid you not!

Dubbed the DentalSlim Diet Control, the device, which has been developed by experts in both New Zealand and the UK, consists of a set of magnetic components and locking bolts, which can apparently be fitted by dentists.

Now while this intra-oral contraption might prove attractive to some – especially since an article published in the British Dental Journal reports that a group of women who used it ‘lost a mean amount of 6.36kg of their body weight’, I have to say it’d never suit me. You see, sadly I suffer from what doctors have called ‘a very serious condition’, which prevents me from ever going on a diet…it’s called hunger!