Miriam’s Musings

‘Alpha male’ behaviour shows a deep-rooted disrespect towards women!


It was the stuff of diplomatic nightmares with good manners and respect being more elusive than Peter Pan’s shadow. In one corner we had Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in the other, we had European Council President Charles Michel, both alpha males, both, (clearly in their own minds), aggressive powerhouses, and both devoid of even a smidgen of respect for those of equal rank!

  Yes folks, I’m referring to ‘sofagate,’ where Ursula von der Leyen, the first female president of the European Commission was, last month – upon attending a meeting with Michel and Erdogan – left without a seat. Ms. Von der Leyen, who holds an equal professional status with these two leaders, was forced to stand awkwardly while they sat, leaving her, as the world bore witness, with no choice but to obediently consign herself to the role of some lowly chattel, dutifully taking her place at her master’s side! 

  Yes ladies, we all know about the ‘alpha male’ syndrome don’t we! He’s the bloke who thinks he’s the irresistible, charismatic, powerful, strut-like-a-peacock-don’t-mess-with-me-because-I’m-the-lady-loves-Milk-Tray-badass – albeit in a more expensive suit! In short, Mr. Alpha Male believes that, by being the ultimate female fantasy, women should not only fall at his feet, they should gaze adoringly into his eyes whilst lying there. 

  In actual fact ladies, given I’ve met quite a few of these ‘because-I’m-worth-it’ eejits in my time, it’s my opinion that the stereotypical alpha male’s view of himself is more in line with his own fantasies, in so much that he believes undermining women is  his most captivating quality. It’s not! 

  Any woman who watched the disgraceful way in which Ursula von der Leyen was snubbed by these two so-called leaders, and who listened to her impassioned speech regarding how ‘hurt’ and how ‘alone’ she felt, both ‘as a woman and as a European’ could not help but feel devastated for  her.  

  I know I was. Ok, the incident didn’t keep me awake all night gnawing holes in my pillow, but it did make me question if this toxic sexism and  public humiliation of a high profile woman coincided with Erdogan taking Turkey out of the world’s first binding treaty to prevent violence against women. Perhaps I’m wrong.

  Either way, because of Erdogan’s and Michel’s disgusting, deep-rooted, sexist, misogynistic attitude towards this woman, or any woman,  (even if it were unintentional), it’s my opinion that this pair of, I-can-bench-press-five-times-my-bodyweight alpha-males cachet has now been diminished to that of a pair of snivelling, castrated relics.    

  Give me the caring, compassionate beta bloke any day girls…he may not set the whole world on fire, but he’ll never treat you like a second class citizen! Why? Well, because he’s man enough not to feel threatened by a successful woman. 


Pet parenting 101 – pick up your dog’s poo! 

According to reports, incidences of dog fouling are on the rise, especially it seems, for our unfortunate neighbours living in Leitrim with the County Council apparently planning to introduce DNA testing of dog poo in an effort to identify owners who fail to bag and bin their pet’s waste. Wow!  That’s going to prove a costly and time-consuming exercise; however the local authority clearly believes it’s a necessary one. 

  You see folks, even though I know there are lots of responsible pet parents out there – and I’ve met many of you lovely, lovely people with your adorable pooches during my own daily walks; there are, it seems, a few, let’s say thoughtless sods too. Can I add here that none of these thoughtless sods or their dogs walk in my area. I’m lucky to live in a community of pet parents who not only bag their dogs’ landmines, they take them home and they bin them. With that in mind, my mini rant is not aimed at you. 

  It is however aimed at those who don’t realise or who don’t care that a major part of being a responsible pet parent means that, under the Animal Health and Welfare Act 2013, you must provide your precious pooch with their Five Freedoms. If you don’t know what these are, you’ve no right having a dog! You should also know that when you’re out enjoying a walk with your dog, and you notice he/she suddenly drops  into that recognisable squat, you must, (unless you’ve received an exemption by some higher authority), under the Litter Pollution Act 1997, pick up their poo! 

  Now folks, while I do understand that picking up your dog’s waste can be an unpleasant exercise,  the fact remains, even though Fido’s a clever little canine, unfortunately he/she doesn’t have opposable thumbs meaning they’re physically incapable of using that old pooper scooper.  Therefore, as the responsible human who knows (or should know) that as your dog’s waste contains nutrients and pathogens – both of which are environmental pollutants which don’t break down on their own – you, and you alone, are both legally and morally obliged to dispose of it properly for them! 

  Sure it’s all part of Pet Parenting 101; or rather it is if I’m carrying out a dog rehoming/adoption process! And don’t think the old ‘Fido ran off lead and I couldn’t see where he/she did their business’ excuse will fly as a defence! Here’s the thing, there are pregnant ewes and newborn lambs out there; so keep your dogs under effective control. This means if Fido doesn’t come to you at your command, keep him/her on a lead/harness! Simples. 


Roll on the Reopening of Roscommon! 

As lockdown restrictions are easing, seats in hair and beauty salons across Roscommon will be among the most coveted. I can tell you readers, watching those appointments being made up north and across the water has, I must admit, elicited quite a bit of envy in me. 

  You see, for me, (and call me fickle), finding that perfect hair stylist, beauty therapist and nail technician is like finding the perfect partner…’the one’, if you like. 

  Therefore, by not being able to visit any of these people, who are, let’s face it, extremely important in my life, (and yes, of course I’m missing my family too), I’ve been left feeling decidedly less than my best. 

  Indeed, if I’m honest girls, it’s kind of as if by not having a proper ‘do’ I have, in some strange way, been flunking femininity; not only that, I’ve been doing it since the salons closed at Christmas! 

  You understand readers, when faced with the misshapen mass that’s now perched on my head making me look like the female version of a marauding Viking, I must confess that I not so much miss ‘being me;’ I actually miss ‘being me’ more than I miss hugging my family and friends.  And I’m willing to bet I’m not the only one feeling this way. 

  You see, being unable to get a professional haircut, colour or brow wax and lash tint etc., has not only left many of us ladies in a highly emotional, anxious and vulnerable state, it’s actually left us with a massive void in our lives. Roll on the reopening of Roscommon!