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Level 5: Stay strong Roscommon…we’ve got this!

He was direct, and, I suppose, given it was Michéal Martin, (a man whose presence on my screen makes me want to fling a shoe at the telly), he delivered the devastating news as compassionately as could be expected.

Even though I watched with tears streaming down my face – because due to Level 3 I haven’t seen my family since September, and now with Level 5, it’ll be another six weeks before I can hug them – this new development, although a bitter pill to swallow, is necessary.

However, is it going to be enough? Is it going to make those egocentric, sophomaniac conspiracy theorists that insist Covid isn’t real refrain from polluting our environment with their misinformation and unsubstantiated beliefs? Will it make them (how do I put this so our editor doesn’t have a heart attack), ahem, fizz off?

Level 5 will be tough, but we’ll get through it together. However, it’ll be extra challenging for readers living in single-person households (and there are quite a few in Roscommon). To that end, can I ask you all to check in on each other, and if necessary, reach out to agencies like ALONE, who operate a befriending service, on 081 8222024.

To everyone else (especially Roscommon retailers who normally do up to 70% of their business in the run-up to Christmas) please, if possible, try to stay strong. I know as much as anyone that life’s challenges can fill us with anxiety and self-doubt. As we face into this health, financial, and emotional crisis, we must try to not allow those negative feelings to engulf us.

Please hold onto the thought that we will have a happy Christmas. Santa will visit us. We will be able to see, hold and hug our parents, our children and our grandchildren again, and if we stick to the restrictions, we will emerge from this critical situation stronger and more resilient than ever. We’ve got this!


Cracks are appearing in Trump’s self-esteem

Donald Trump presents as a controlling individual. However, given his desperate ‘please like me’ request to suburban women, I believe Putin’s pet is really someone who (while desperately wanting the world to believe he’s the epitome of masculinity) is, in reality, a character he’d never ever dare admit to being: a weakling who suffers from crippling low self-esteem.

But that’s just my opinion, and I could be wrong. Indeed, for all I know, Agent Orange is really a gentleman who takes the initiative and leads the US with passion and charisma. A self-assured man who doesn’t take advantage of those less fortunate, but rather someone who takes responsibility for his actions, as opposed to someone who makes passive-aggressive comments. Er, nope…I think I hit the nail on the head with my opening paragraph and I suggest Trump goes back to hospital to have his bruised ego looked at!

For me the cracks began to show when, realising his suburban deficit has emerged as a major obstacle in his bid for re-election, this braggart had to resort to begging for votes at a rally in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, whining, “Suburban women, will you please like me? Please. Please”. How pathetic!

However, if I were one of Trump’s spin doctors, I’d be advising that no amount of pleading with women will undo the damage he has caused, and the derogatory comments he has made over the past four years. In fact, in advance of November 3rd, I’d be sitting at my laptop, armed with a stiff whiskey, and emailing out my CV, because despite Trump claiming to have “saved” the “damn neighbourhoods” of the very people who powered his 2016 win, his popularity among them has never been so low.

I mean, what self-respecting woman in her right mind is going to vote for this self-professed ‘p***y grabbing’ misogynist who, among other foul-ups, has employed bombastic rhetoric when promoting his reversal of Obama’s fair housing policies? We all remember Trump’s reported claims that this strategy had destroyed suburbia because it openly created a situation for a flood of ‘poorer residents’, allegedly resulting in ‘higher crime and lower property values’.

Does Captain Chaos really believe that any right-thinking American woman would return what has to be the least qualified individual on this planet to power for another four years? I mean, surely everyone realises his, “I ended the regulation that brought crime to the suburbs”, comment reinforces the fact he’s blatantly stoking the fear of violence by making what are shameful, hateful racial and socio-economic connotations a major part of his presidential bid.

As far as I’m concerned, this latest last-gasp dash to win votes tells me that Trump is not only devoid of a moral compass, he’s also spreading a virus that’s possibly as deadly as the very one he told people not to fear – hate!

So be afraid folks, be very afraid, because the world not only needs a vaccine to combat Covid – we also need one to reverse the harm and odium that Trump seems so keen to spread.


Christmas Lights Committee: our bright star during dismal time

Covid-19 has already written off Paddy’s Day, Easter, Halloween, and the bland-ballad singing/dodgy dancing/daft costume-wearing cheese-fest that is the Eurovision Song Contest (and douze points to the Dutch for that decision, I’m really not a fan of the annual tone-deaf wannabe warbler event, but I digress). Now, given the latest Level 5 lockdown, Christmas will be significantly pared back.

In view of this, I’ll bet pandemic-weary Rossies, who are desperately in need of a little Christmas joy and cheer, were, like me, delighted to see a piece in last week’s Roscommon People declaring that ‘Roscommon won’t be in the dark this Christmas’.

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but has anyone else noticed a distinct veil of darkness and, let’s be honest, a level of scariness regarding this pandemic looming large over the county? You have? Okay, so this week, in order to curtail this vicious virus, I’m appealing to those anti-mask eejits to stop acting like intellectually impoverished thickos and cover up and keep your distance!

If you can’t do that, stay home and give the rest of us a fighting chance at saving Christmas, making it one that’s both Covid-free and moron-free!

Thank you Christmas Lights Committees countywide, you’re doing a great job. I for one cannot wait to hang up the holly, put up the tree and deck the halls. Why? Well, because this year more than ever, we need a little Christmas!


Just a thought…

With the Level 5 lockdown in mind, can I ask, do we have to quarantine with the same family/husband? Or did Michéal’s cunning plan for living with Covid-19 mention anything about a relocation scheme? Asking for a friend… oh, okay, asking for myself!