Miriam’s five festive back-to-basics beauty tips

It’s time for gingerbread-spiced lattes and midnight curfews! But don’t be a Grinch, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to have ourselves a merry little Christmas (albeit a scaled down one), even if that means morphing into Cinderella, complying with restrictions and leaving the nightclub/pub before the clock strikes ‘the witching hour’.

Therefore, whether you’re driving home for Christmas or planning to party over the festive season, we know you’ll want to look your best. Check out my top five back-to-basics beauty tips here…


1: We’re currently whipped up in a whirl of present-buying, worrying about paying bills, and making sure to meet work deadlines, so my first tip is to advise everyone to make time for themselves. This could mean meeting friends for a coffee, (don’t forget your Covid cert), having the odd early night, or snuggling up with your pets to watch a Christmas movie (my personal favourite). The choice is yours, so do try and do whatever it takes to combat the Christmas chaos.


2: Make sure your eyes stay merry and bright by giving them a little massage to get rid of any puffiness. Start at the corners and gently work your way towards your brow. My tip: Afterwards, when applying blusher, don’t put it up too high, it can make you look tired!


3: Alcohol dehydrates your skin, and, while I’d never suggest anyone stick to ‘mocktails’ – because I wouldn’t do it myself – I would recommend you drink plenty of water, use a hydrating face mask, and invest in a decent hyaluronic face serum to retain your skin’s moisture. Your beauty therapist or pharmacist will recommend one suitable for your particular skin type.


4: The perfect party pout is best achieved by lining your lips with a neutral coloured pencil, adding a dash of foundation to the corners to ‘even out’ the application. Finish off with a creamy lippy, topped with some clear gloss and you’re good to go.


5: And finally…my best beauty tip of all…try to relax and enjoy yourself, despite the restrictions being placed on us. When limiting your contacts, choose to spend time with those you love (or at least like), because looking fab while getting through a scaled down Christmas, and having a good time, is the best medicine of all…for your skin, and for your mental wellbeing too.