Miriam’s tips: Wedding trends to watch in 2018


As the likes of this summer’s high profile brides-to-be Meghan Markle and Princess Eugenie prepare to be scrutinised regarding their dress selection, their guest-list preparation, (who has the most celebrity friends), menu course ranges and their choice of bridesmaids, etc., by stiff-upper-lipped royal style watchers —– and mere mortals like ourselves – we thought we’d offer a bit of good old-fashioned, down to earth Roscommon People advice to couples who’re planning to tie the knot this year.

The look: Veils are out, capes are in. Think Serena Williams’ Alexander McQueen number and you’re halfway there. Finish off your signature look with an embellished cape and in no time at all you’ll be channelling your inner glamour queen.

The flowers: Suspended florals are huge as contemporary couples are eager to keep their tables uncluttered and centrepiece free. Yes, this year’s trend-setting twosomes are opting for garden fresh blooms fashioned into colourful clusters of roses, ferns, ribbons and branches delicately dangling down from overhead ceiling arrangements. When it comes to the bridal bouquet, gone is the dainty little posy display of decades past, as the cascading colossal that was the 1980’s more-is-more oversized spray is making a comeback.

The food: Today’s couples are no longer content to serve their guests the classic and once traditional thre-course roast dinner and sherry trifle combo. Yes, convention is out, botanicals are in, with savvy innovators striving to entertain and entice diners by offering them a unique, aspirational and authentic epicurean experience they’ll never forget. Think orange blossom, elderflower and lavender infusions that are guaranteed to inject some healthy, new-fangled flower power flavours into your wedding feast.  Novel idea, or a step too far? You decide!

The décor: New age crystals and metallics mixed with edgy vintage inspired knick-knacks will set the mood, (as opposed to the colour code) for this year’s style-conscious couples. The personal, the particular and the private experience all take centre stage for nuptials in 2018, as the tactile, touchy- feely vibe is bound to make guests enjoy a more welcome and included involvement in the overall happy event.