Minor Board propose fixtures compromise

The Minor Board of Roscommon GAA has proposed a compromise this week in order to prevent a fixtures clash with the Roscommon and District Youth Soccer League.

Following a meeting of the board on Monday night it was proposed that U-16 matches take place on Monday nights, U-14s on Tuesdays, and U-18s on Thursday.

The proposal will have to be ratified by the senior County Board but is welcome news for local soccer clubs and dual players.

Previously, Roscommon GAA had issued a statement to the Roscommon People explaining that the clash came about due to a change to its grading structure.

The statement read: “We did not sit down to intentionally clash with other codes. This year our age grades have changed, which has created the difficulty. Our clubs voted to change from U-13, U-15 and U-17 to U-14, U-16 and U-18.

“Our U-18 players who are in their final year can now play both minor and adult football which also impacts on our fixtures. This leaves us with very little room around manoeuvring fixtures and it is simply impossible to create a fixtures programme that works around the schedule of countless other activities”.