Minister supports LEADER linking up with Down Syndrome Ireland Roscommon Branch

Minister Anne Rabbitte attended the recent launch of a new partnership between Roscommon LEADER Partnership and Down Syndrome Ireland Roscommon Branch. Our photographs show the minister, LEADER personnel, guests from Down Syndrome Roscommon Branch, and further guests on the day.

Minister Anne Rabbitte emphasised the importance of ensuring that “no key is left unturned in a public building” and called for increased accessibility for non-profit organisations, such as charities like Down Syndrome Ireland, to facilitate their success in delivering essential services.

Minister Rabbitte made her comments when attending the recent launch of the new partnership between Roscommon LEADER Partnership and Down Syndrome Ireland Roscommon Branch. Minister Rabbitte underscored the need for collaboration and collective efforts to provide dedicated spaces within public buildings to empower non-profit organisations to thrive.

By opening doors to these organisations, we can foster a supportive environment that enables them to efficiently and effectively serve their clients, she said.

Minister Rabbitte emphasised that by recognising the critical role that charities like Down Syndrome Ireland play in our communities, it is “our collective responsibility to ensure that these organisations have access to safe and suitable spaces within public buildings up and down the country”.

By doing so, she added, we contribute to the well-being of our community members and promote an inclusive society where everyone can participate fully.

The partnership between Roscommon LEADER  Partnership and Down Syndrome Ireland Roscommon Branch demonstrates the power of collaboration between the public sector and non-profit organisations to drive positive change in the community. By offering tangible support through venue space and financial assistance, Roscommon LEADER Partnership aims to contribute to the success and growth of Down Syndrome Ireland Roscommon Branch.

Foundations like Down Syndrome Ireland Roscommon Branch, which dedicate themselves to improving the lives of individuals with Down Syndrome, will greatly benefit from increased accessibility to Roscommon LEADER Partnership’s public building spaces. Having dedicated rooms will enable them to conduct essential programmes, workshops, and services for their clients in a secure and welcoming environment.

This announcement marks a significant step forward in creating a more inclusive and supportive society, where public spaces serve as platforms for positive social impact.

Roscommon LEADER Partnership also launched the new DARE Erasmus + Diversities are Reviving Enterprises project, which has enabled Roscommon LEADER Partnership to dedicate the sponsorship funding of €5,000 to Down Syndrome Ireland Roscommon Branch, as they are an associate partner in this ERASMUS + project and will be contributing centrally to delivery of the project’s work packages.