Minister needs to act now on fodder crisis – Fitzmaurice



Deputy Michael Fitzmaurice is calling on Minister Creed to act immediately in helping farmers through the fodder crisis.

  “Since the round table talks with the farming organisations at the beginning of December no progress on delivering an aid package for transport or a meal voucher has been made. Currently it would appear the Minister is hoping the issue will resolve itself or maybe he is still of the opinion that there isn’t a fodder crisis in the west and northwest.

  “What the Minister needs to do now is implement a transport subsidy for bales whether that is hay, silage or straw. This would help reduce the cost of fodder arriving in western areas which is at an all time high. This subsidy which could be paid through the Co-ops or recognised suppliers of hay or straw can be up and running by the end of this month as the template is there from the 2013 fodder crisis,” Deputy Fitzmaurice said.

  The Independent TD added explained that a transport subsidy would enable fodder to be delivered from southern counties to the west of Ireland.

  “From what we are hearing there are still fodder supplies in southern areas especially silage. This is why a transport subsidy can help deliver reasonably priced fodder to hard pressed farmers in western areas. However, I would also hope that those with excess fodder would show solidarity and not take advantage of their fellow farmers with unreasonable price hikes,” he concluded.