‘Minister Naughten showed empathy… but we want action’

Sliabh Bán Group meet with Minister

The Sliabh Bán Community Group met with Minister Denis Naughten last week in order to raise noise concerns as a result of the Sliabh Bán wind farm.

  A member of the group offered details from last Monday week’s night’s public meeting in Kilbegnet: “Three or four people spoke very vividly of how it’s affecting their lives at the moment, not being able to sleep. One woman having to move out of her house the second night because she couldn’t (sleep).”

  That public meeting was followed up with last Thursday’s meeting with Minister Naughten at his constituency office in Roscommon town.

  Members of the group said that patience was running out among the residents of Sliabh Bán.

  “In fairness to Denis Naughten he showed compassion and he empatised with us all but sure what good is empathy? We’re tired listening to it. He did say he will go back to the wind farm company and get them to engage more with the community and more with the people affected. But we’ve seen that engagement. The engagement is that they have come to some of the properties, stood outside or inside, listened and left again. Is it good enough? I wouldn’t think it’s good enough,” the group member said.

  There were some encouraging signs for the group, however, and members believe that Minister Naughten is “eager” to deal with the issues.

  “In fairness, he has gained a lot of knowledge and he seems to be eager, in his representations to us, that he wants to get this right. It will be interesting to see who he gets it right for. The legislation he has promised is nearer now than it ever was. There is no timeframe but it’s imminent,” said the group’s spokesperson.