‘Minister must show leadership on inputs crisis’ – IFA

The IFA has called on Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue to show real leadership when it comes to “rocketing” input prices at farm level and the availablity of inputs in the months ahead. 

  Speaking following a recent meeting of IFA’s National Council, IFA President Tim Cullinan said there were “huge and rising concerns” across the country. 

  “Minister McConalogue must take charge of the situation. For tillage farmers, fertiliser costs have nearly tripled. The average drystock farmer will be paying three times the price for their fertiliser this spring and the average dairy farmer will see 4.5c per litre added to their costs. That’s before increases in other areas such as fuel and electricity are factored in,” he said.

  “Most farms just don’t have the capacity to absorb these phenomenal input costs, and as the weakest link in the supply chain, it can’t be left to the farmer to absorb them either. All links in the supply chain need to share the burden and risk,” he said.

  “The sector will need to work with the Government in the weeks and months ahead to deal with the situation as it develops”.