Minister confirms TAMS 2 approvals at Macra meeting

Minister for Agriculture, Food and Marine Michael Creed T.D. in a meeting with Macra na Feirme has confirmed that Tranche 1 of TAMS2 approvals have started to issue this week.

  Macra na Feirme National President Seán Finan following the meeting said “I welcomed the news of approval of Tranche 1 TAMS 2 applicants but the delay in processing of the applications is totally unacceptable and raises huge questions about resources in the Department of Agriculture.”

  The deadline for Tranche 1 of TAMS 2 applications was September 25th 2015. Delays in the processing and approval of applications is due to issues around the development of the departments new IT system for TAMS approvals.

  Mr. Finan added: “Farmers who have completed work under TAMS following provisional approval are still awaiting full approval and subsequent payment of grant aid. This is putting farmers under huge financial pressure to fund the grant aid portion in a year of low or negative returns and poor cashflow.”

  Mr. Finan concluded: “I call on the Minister to look at the allocation of resources within his Department and proceed immediately with processing of Tranche 2 applicants without delay as the year is progressing – and for farmers to have facilities in place for next winter they need to start work immediately.

  Farmers cannot be put under any more pressure than they are already under and need approvals immediately.”