Ming’s ‘sick to death’ of eircom!

Castlerea-based councillor Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan this week sent a message to telephone company eircom, calling on the company to remove a junction box at the Mill junction in Castlerea which will then allow the council to carry out work to improve the traffic flow in the town. ‘The ongoing saga of the junction at the Mill in Castlerea continues, due to the apathy of some people working in eircom. For many months now the council has been waiting for eircom to move what I understand is known as a junction box. Until that happens, the Council cannot carry out the required work to improve the flow of traffic in the town. I have made many attempts to contact someone in eircom about this matter. However as usual, one would need the skills of the CIA to get to talk to someone about it. I have gone through the usual merry-go-round of calling one number after another and at this stage I am sick to death of it. eircom has managed to create a system where they can avoid accountability when it comes to solving problems which they have created. It is because of this I wish to send them a message through the media in the hope that someone in this company may be listening and do something about the problem. ‘So as a result of all this incompetence, the people of Castlerea have had to put up with unnecessary gridlock. Now I am sure eircom, no more than the ESB, will use every excuse under the sun to explain the delay. However the time for excuses is now over. It is time for them to do the work they should and could have done months ago.’