‘Ming’ Shocked at bid ‘to buy vote’

It was the most brazen attempt to buy his vote that he has seen since he entered politics – that’s what a ‘shocked’ Cllr. Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan said this week as he revealed details of an unusual offer he received during the course of the Seanad elections.    Cllr. Flanagan told RTE Radio 1’s Drivetime programme that he had received an offer of two nights bed and breakfast at either of two hotels owned by a Dublin-based Fianna Fail Seanad candidate, Mr. Luke Moriarity.   The offer was reputedly in recognition of  ‘all the hard work that councillors put in on behalf of their constituents.’   However Mr. Moriarity, who is running for the Seanad, also sought Cllr. Flanagan’s vote. ‘It was the most brazen attempt to buy my vote that I have seen since I came into politics’ an unimpressed Cllr. Flanagan said.