‘Ming’ raises Sacred Heart Hospital in European Parliament

‘I thought you were here to help us…you are destroying us; you are killing us’

MEP Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan, right, has said that the Government would easily be able to afford around €11 million to rebuild the Sacred Heart Hospital, Roscommon town, if it weren’t for the infamous bailout package.

  The Castlerea man said that Ireland’s health service was unsustainable because of the money owed to the EU and International Monetary Fund following Ireland’s economic crash.

  He said that the fact the future of the Sacred Heart Hospital was in jeopardy was an example of EU-enforced decisions impacted on daily life in Ireland.

  Speaking in the European Parliament last week, Mr Flanagan said: “When it comes to the sustainability of the Irish health service, it is quite clear that is is not sustainable.

  “One of the reasons (why) is because we are haemorrhaging money paying for the banking system that collapsed, but we paid the price for it and not the speculators.

  “€11 million is all that is needed in funding to keep the 90 residents in place at this home…that helps our health service, but we cannot afford to pay for it.”

  It’s estimated that €11 million would be required to rebuild the Sacred Heart Hospital, as the Health Information and Quality Authority have effectively requested.

  Mr Flanagan said that Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European Commission, said recently that taxpayers would “never again pay for the greed of financial speculators”.

  “That is wonderful, Mr Juncker,” said Mr Flanagan. “But the reality is that people in Ireland are every day still paying for this.

  “And the €11 million that the people of Roscommon need…Instead of it going to healthcare, last year €1 billion was borrowed and destroyed and Ireland got nothing for it.

  “This year, €500 million will be destroyed and we will get nothing for it.

  “How can you have a sustainable health care system when the taxation that is paid for our health and for our education, is spent on paying back a debt that never was ours?

  “In 2016, we will have to pay €500 million again and burn it. Same in 2017. Same in 2018. How the hell can that be sustainable?”

  ‘Ming’ concluded his contribution with strong criticism of the EU.

  “I thought you were here to help us,” he said. “You are haemorraging us; you are destroying us; you are killing us.”