‘Ming’ believes Ireland should pull out of the EU

MEP Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan believes Ireland should leave the European Union.

  The Castlerea man posted a detailed article on Facebook about the consequences of a ‘Brexit’ – Great Britain pulling out of the EU, a referendum on which will be held next year.

  He discussed the prospects of what Ireland might do as a result of a ‘yes’ vote – and what Ireland “should do”. ‘Ming’ has been a fierce critic of the EU since his election to the European Parliament in May 2014.

  Ming’ wrote: “Think of what was forced on the people of Ireland, of Greece, of Portugal, of Spain, of Italy in the last six years – austerity for the people, bailouts for the failed banks, for their failed creditors.”

  Mr Flanagan said that the enthusiasm he once had for the EU had been “battered out” of him in recent times.

  He said: “I’ve used the analogy many times: if you’re in an abusive relationship, you owe it to yourself and your children to get out of that relationship.

  “This will usually mean having to endure reduced circumstances for a while – poor accommodation, living on the breadline. Ultimately, though, it’s worth it: you’re free; you’re no longer living under oppression; you can grow.”

  ‘Ming’ said that, during the course of the Brexit debate, the prospect had been raised of a newly-independent Scotland leaving Great Britain and then rejoining the EU as an Independent state.

  He said: “I’m totally baffled by this.

  “Why would Scotland want to leave an unbalanced relationship – a minority nation within the UK, 5 million in 65 million – to become an even smaller fish in an even bigger pool, 5 million in 508 million?

  “Which brings me to Ireland, and what we should do if the UK exits. My opinion? We should go with them.”

  He said that, as we approached the 100th anniversary of the 1916 Rising, we needed to ask ourselves a “very relevant question”: whether we want to be “independent” or “dependent.”

  ‘Ming’ described Ireland’s involvement with the EU as an “abusive relationship.”

  He added: “I would have a lot greater fear of staying within that abusive relationship, a dependent, than standing on our own independent feet and forming our own new relationships. There is always an alternative.”