Milk Quality Awards honour local farmer

Kevin Madden, from Roxborough in Co Roscommon, has been honoured at Aurivo’s 17th annual Milk Quality Awards for his hard work and dedication in dairy farming.

Kevin received the award for Most Improved SCC (somatic cell count). Currently farming 110 Holstein Friesian cows with the help of his wife Lyndsey and son Owen, Kevin attributes his improved somatic cell count to strident milk-recording and hygiene practices including dipping clusters after each cow and stripping each cow every morning.

The 17th annual Milk Quality Awards were held on the 7th of May to honour commitment, dedication, and overall excellence in dairy farming. A total of eight farms were recognised for their work in 2023, ranging from Champion of Sustainability to most improved SCC. Each of these farms have been recognised by Aurivo for factors such as their dedication to animal welfare, sustainable farming practices, and excellence in milk quality.

Donal Tierney (Chief Executive of Aurivo) sincerely thanked the farms involved for their commitment, stating: “Without the hard work and dedication afforded to us by our farming families, Aurivo would not be able to produce some of the best quality dairy products in the world. It is an absolute pleasure to honour our awardees who have thrived despite a difficult 2023 that involved challenging weather and declining milk prices.

“As we continue into 2024, I look forward to our enduring partnerships that allow us to maintain producing the highest quality dairy products while simultaneously protecting and safeguarding the environment around us”, he concluded.