Menton on ‘sweet win’ over Galway in ’77

As the 1970’s progressed the Roscommon football revolution gathered pace. In 1975 Roscommon won the minor title in great style and despite being beaten in the Connacht Final in 1976, it was clear that Roscommon were making good progress at senior level. It was evident that the Galway/Mayo dominance of the senior championship in the west was about to be challenged. In 1977 Roscommon began a spell of dominance of football in the west that was to last four years and was to hold a special place in the hearts of all GAA followers in the county. The Connacht Final of 1977 was played on a ‘baking hot’ day in Dr. Hyde Park as Roscommon overcame Galway by a single point. One of the stars of that Roscommon team was Roscommon Gaels’ livewire corner-forward Mickey Menton, who  remembers the day vividly