Menopause mission

First in-person Menopause Success Summit is next month

Menopause is slowly becoming less of a taboo, but is still surrounded by confusing and conflicting information. Menopause Success Summit helps bust persistent myths and gives women practical tools to support their health and happiness – so they can succeed through the menopause.

  After going virtual last year due to Covid, this year the first in-person summit is being held in the Radisson Blue Hotel in Cork on the 21st of May.

  It’s a one-day event featuring 13 expert speakers bringing all the latest information on hormone replacement therapy, brain health, weight management, holistic therapies, and other vital menopause topics.

  Speakers include: Dr. Mary Ryan, Consultant Endocrinologist; Diane Danzebrink, founder, Menopause Support CIC; Dr. Suzanne O’Sullivan, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist; Gerry Duffy, Motivational Speaker, and Dr. Sabina Brennan, Neuroscientist.

  The summit is organised by leading menopause coach, Catherine O’Keeffe, who is dedicated to changing the narrative around menopause, breaking the taboo that surrounds it, and ensuring that women feel supported throughout their menopause journey.

  “The medical and scientific understanding around menopause is improving all the time, so my mission is to provide women with practical, down to earth information that is right up to the minute. One attendee last year said the summit was ‘the best concise guide to menopause’, and really that’s the perfect description”.

  Ms. O’Keeffe also said she’s excited about returning to in-person events.

  “Last year we had wonderful feedback from women who no longer felt alone on the journey, and that was online – imagine the power of being in the same room”.

  Tickets for Menopause Success Summit 2022 are now on sale at with early bird tickets now available at €145.