Men are better drivers well, according to men …but women disagree!

According to research carried out by motoring solutions experts, easytrip, 82% of men claim they are the better driver in their relationship. The other 18% are probably still in the honeymoon period and therefore pretending to be modest, to impress their partners!

  On the other hand, 73% of women said that they are the better driver. A high proportion of women, one in four, thought their partner was a better driver, while only 15% of men thought their female partner was.

  Maybe men are better drivers – or maybe they just think they are – but the research suggests that women are happy enough to go along with the assumption, with only 45% claiming to be the main driver in the relationship.

  Women are also greedy when it comes to sharing their car, with only 27% of them letting their partners drive their car. A whopping 59% of men allowed their better half to drive theirs. I suppose they have to get home from Super Sunday pints somehow!

  Criticising your partner’s driving isn’t a rare occurrence, with 1 in 5 of respondents saying their partner always let them know if they were doing something wrong whilst travelling in the car with them.

  The top five most annoying habits listed were: Bad parking, making phone calls while driving, road rage, driving too slow/fast and insisting on being the designated driver.

  Let’s be honest though, gender is largely irrelevant when it comes to driving skills as both men and women are capable of developing dangerous bad habits. Safety is hugely important when it comes to road use, so buckle up, slow down and never use your phone while driving.