Meal Riser appears on The Late Late Show


On January 26th, Athleague/Ballygar businessman and innovator Adrian Keegan appeared on the Late Late Show with his latest invention, the Meal Riser, having initially displayed a prototype at the National Ploughing Championships in Tullamore last year.

  The Meal Riser is a farm aid tool that can be used for lifting meal and fuel up from the bottom of the JFC round meal bin. It is fully automatic and Adrian has assured us that it can be fitted in under ten minutes with no alterations required. It can also be used with both loose and bagged meal.

  Adrian has described the Meal Riser as “vermin and weather proof” and said that they can be placed into the existing meal bin in order to make life easier for elderly farmers or those with hip and back problems. Adrian also says the Meal Riser will prevent female farmers from having to lean into the bin and therefore causing compression on breast tissue.

  “There is an automatic spring-loaded floor in the device which, when the farmer removes the meal, works to push the remainder of the feed up towards the top of the bin.

  “The plate is in two halves so it can be fitted into existing holes and therefore no alterations are required,” said Adrian.

  The Meal Riser also doubles as a fuel bunker, making the storage of solid fuels like coal far more convenient.

  The product is available at J Grennan & Sons outlets nationwide and can be viewed online at