‘We have to figure out way of operating in the midfield area’

Roscommon’s joint manager Kevin McStay (pictured by Andrew Fox last Sunday) has revealed that his team weren’t planning to reach this weekend’s FBD League Final!

  While Roscommon ­recorded a notable three-point win over Mayo in Castlebar on Sunday, McStay was quick to make the point that his team is further advanced than Mayo in terms of early-season preparation. Accordingly, he wasn’t reading a huge amount into Sunday’s win. 

  “Look, we won and that’s about it! It wasn’t really in the plan to get to the FBD League Final but now that we are there (v Galway this Sunday) it will give us a chance to look at some more players, which is good.

  “I am sure we have more work done than Mayo because we are new to Division One (of the NFL) and we have to prepare hard for it, while Mayo can ease themselves into the season.”

  With the start of a momentous league campaign just over a week away, McStay has  pinpointed the crucial midfield area as a sector which needs to be addressed.

  “Our first four or five league games will be crucial. Will we be good enough? We will have to see, because it’s a higher level that we have been used to, but we are improving all the time and it’s one little rung higher on the ladder every time we play.

  “We have to figure out a way of operating in the midfield area. We just don’t have the size like Mayo and other teams have, but we will figure a way around it. Our sole focus is on the start of the national league in two weeks’ time.”

  Meanwhile, Mayo manager Stephen Rochford said: “Roscommon have more work than us done at this stage but we played fairly well in the second half. We have a lot of injuries – and a few more after today – but we are not going to feel sorry for ourselves.

  “It’s difficult to be losing players through injury but it gives someone else an opportunity to stand up and say ‘I am able to replace an established player’, and (therefore) leave us in a stronger position for the year ahead.”